Friday, December 9, 2011

Eagle Cam Project Sponsors

Like most projects the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project could not exist without support and funding from some great sources.  We have been extremely fortunate that our sponsors and partners have stepped up to make this project possible.

Our major sponsors of the project are The Friends of Harrison Bay State Park and the United States Golf Association Green Section.  From the beginning these two organizations have shown great excitement about the project and how it will help to show how our golf course is a good habitat for wildlife.

It is projects like this that you find out who your true friends are.  When funding for the project became an issue my friends of the East Tennessee Golf Course Superintendents Association and friends from the MIddle Tennessee Golf Course Superintendents Association came through with a donation that helped to push the project along. The TORO Company and Smith Turf and Irrigation, our local TORO distributor, also came on board with a donation to help out the cause.

Our local utility district Volunteer Electric Cooperative also believed in the project and provided funding for the project through its local grant program.

We can not thank our sponsors and partners enough for funding and supporting the Eagle Cam Project and we hope to make it a huge success.

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