Thursday, August 16, 2012

Camera Replacement

Well, it was always a major concern of ours that the cameras would be damaged by lightning and that is exactly what has occurred. The cameras were damaged during a storm last Thursday and so Angelo came back to Harrison Bay and removed them from the tree.  We had them checked by our electricians and we will have to replace them before this year's nesting season begins. 

 Angelo's visit was needed anyway regardless of the camera situation. To the left is a goosegrass plant which had started growing in the nest about a month ago.  It was beginning to take over the nest and the eagles were having to sit on top of it when they visited the nest.  The plant is about 5 feet across and the nest is only about 8 feet across.  Removing the plant will give Elliott and Eloise all the room they need in the nest.

We will repair the cameras and replace them before the season begins.  We are looking at adding audio to the project when we replace the cameras and are looking for someone who has some connections with Charter Communications in Cleveland to assist us with getting cable internet to the golf course maintenance building so we can provide a better outgoing signal.  If you can help please let us know.