Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Harrison Bay Eagle Nest Visits Begin

The Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project has been a tremendous success this year.  Despite a few technical issues with equipment we have been able to enjoy watching the eaglets, affectionately HB3 and HB4, over the internet.  Although watching them on the computer is great, we began hosting eagle nest visits this morning.  We had a good turn out for the first tour this morning with 10-12 people coming out to get a closer look at the nest.

Photo by Bret Douglas

Elliott and Eloise both put on a good show for the people who came out for the tour.  They flew around the nest area picking up sticks and fresh nesting material all to the enjoyment of the visitors.  The tours are provided by Harrison Bay State Park rangers each Tuesday from 7-9 AM.  We are lucky to have two very knowledgeable rangers which provide the tours.  Interested persons should contact the Harrison Bay State Park office to register for a visit.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two Weeks Since Eaglets Arrived

It has been two weeks since the eaglets at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay hatched.  Watching the eaglets hatch and grow has been the highlight of my year so far and I am excited to continue to watch their growth and anticipate them fledging the nest.

Here is a great video (or at least I think it is great)  of a family dinner last week.  The eaglets are getting fed a steady diet of fish, turtle, and waterfowl about every thirty to forty minutes during the day.  Without the benefit of infrared cameras we don't know if they are getting any midnight snacks or not. 

I like this video because it shows off the huge "feet" these little eaglets have.  All the better to catch fish with later in life with.