Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Streaming Video and Sound

We have had many people comment on the lack of sound on the broadcast and the fact that the feed is sometimes "jumpy".  I wanted to take a moment and address both of these concerns.

Sound for the project is something we have worked on each year but it is very difficult to find an outdoor microphone that is compatible with our cameras.  I agree that it would be great to be able to hear the eagles call to one another and we will continue to work on this feature.  The other thing about the use of a microphone is the fact that audio takes up valuable bandwidth on the broadcast which we can not afford to waste.

Being is a rural area of the country is great in some instances, such as the fact that Bald Eagles like to be away from populated areas and out "in the country".  The bad thing about our location, however, is that modern technology, such as cable internet, is not readily available to us.  We are working diligently with Charter Communication of Cleveland to install cable internet to our facility and we are confident that once the upload speed on the broadcast is increased compared to our current DSL service that the video feed will smooth out and be less "jumpy and jerky".

We hope everyone is enjoying the show so far and we are anxiously, but cautiously, waiting on the little ones to pop out of their eggs.

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