Monday, January 7, 2013

Eagle attacks owl for "squatting" in nest

For several weeks now the Harrison Bay Eagle Nest has been visited by a pair of owls during the nighttime hours.  We have been wondering what would happen if both the owl and the eagles encountered each other in the nest at the same time...well I guess we know now.

We are patiently waiting on Charter Communication to install our cable internet before we can broadcast from the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam for this year.  The high definition cameras we purchased for this year produce a massive amount of video information and our phone internet simply will not upload the information. 

Please bear with us.  We are hoping for an interesting and successful nesting season this year.


  1. That's very interesting! Wonder if the owl took the hint and hasn't been back... Thx for posting

  2. WOW fantastic capture Love it

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  4. Best Eagle Attacks! Ever

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